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Young Scottish Pipers
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Various Artists
ARC MUSIC - World music
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1. Asturian Set - 5:02

2. The Battle of Brocklamont - 5:13

3. Sandy Cameron's - 2:55

4. Slieve Russel / Donald Cameron's Powder Horn - 3:42

5. Hector's - 2:54

6. Coire Bheinn / Portobello - 4:47

7. The Hazy Day / Zeto the Bubbleman / The Last Tango in Harris - 6:35

8. MacGregor's Jigs - 3:48

9. Unst - 3:20

10. Field of Bells - 2:35

11. Strathspey & Reels - 3:22

12. The Whisky Boeys - 5:34

13. Breton Set - 4:16

14. An Cu Dhu - 2:36
A collection of beautiful Scottish music from some of Scotlands finest masters, both young and old. Some of the performers on this CD include: RORY CAMPBELL Widely regarded as one of Scotland's finest young pipers and tunesmiths. As well as his work with Deaf Shepherd, Rory has performed with The Big Spree, led by champion piper Fred Morrison, the Scottish "supergroup" Caledon, and as part of the Uncharted Territory project, a highly successful 1998 collaboration between jazz and folk musicians. Rory is also a member of another leading contemporary Scottish outfit, the Old Blind Dogs. He is a prolific composer and published his first book of original tunes in November 1999. CHRIS ARMSTRONG Is a young piper who, in a short space of time, has progressed through a solid background in pipe bands and a period in the folk scene to establish himself as a major force in the very top level of competitive solo piping in the world. His playing style is dynamic and exciting with major emphasis being placed on clarity and accuracy of fingering. His commitment to his heritage has been awarded with a life time appointment as Piper to the Clan Armstrong Trust (Langholm) in 1990. Apart from that he was awarded a host of prizes and medals at numerous competitions. FRED MORRISON Fred Morrisons's dazzling performance on the highland pipes, Border pipes, uilleann pipes and low whistles have established him as on of Scotland's most unique and powerful artists. Though born and raised in Glasgow, Fred's approach is firmly rooted in the musical tradition of the Hebridean islands off Scotland's north-west coast, where piping is an integral part of society. Fred's outstanding technique and expression, has won him most of the top international prizes of the piping world. He played support and solo for Capercaillie and Runrig. He also toured Celtic Europe, particularly Spain and Brittany, where he earned the name "King of the Pipes." ANNA MURRAY comes from the village Baig on the east side of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. With all her family speaking Gaelic she was brought up speaking Gaelic as her first language. It was at school that she began to play the pipes at the age of ten. Television appearances and requests for her performing at ceilidhs all over the islands led to her first album 'Out of the Blue' at the age of twenty. Anna began her acting career in 1992 as Mairead NicAsgaill in the first episode of the TV drama series 'Machair' and has featured in all series to date. She has since appeared in numerous TV dramas, documentaries, BBC productions, etc. She has presented a range of Gaelic programmes for the BBC as well as Grampian and other independent TV companies. She also presents a children's programme, teaching children Gaelic. Anna is an extraordinary piper on both small and Highland pipes. CANTERACH The name 'Canterach' comes from the technique of teaching pipe music to students by singing the tunes. The word is from the Gaelic canntaireachd. Canterach features five of the best musicians from Scotland: Ross Kennedy (vocals, acoustic guitar), Steve Lawrence (percussion, bouzouki, Dobro), Iain MacInnes (Highland pipes, small pipes, whistle), Alistair McCulloch (fiddle) and Rod Paul (mandolin, banjo, electric guitar), along with guests Angus Lyon, Fraser Speirs and Lynn Morrison on piano/keyboards, harmonica and keyboards respectively. They are all fine musicians from well respected bands and the music they make is first class.
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