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Bob Dylan vs. Pete Seeger: The Singer & the Song (2CD)
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Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger
Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger
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1. Turn! Turn! Turn! - Pete Seeger 2. Man Of Constant Sorrow - Bob Dylan
3. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? - Pete Seeger
4. Freight Train Blues - Bob Dylan 5. We Shall Overcome - Pete Seeger 6. Gospel Plow - Bob Dylan
7. John Henry - Pete Seeger
8. Fixin' To Die - Bob Dylan
9. Delia's Gone - Pete Seeger
10. Mean Old Railroad - Bob Dylan 11. Jesse James - Pete Seeger
12. Baby Let Me Follow You Down - Bob Dylan
13. The False Knight Upon the Road - Pete Seeger
14. Song To Woody - Bob Dylan
15. Barrel of Money Blues - Pete Seeger
16. Poor Lazarus - Bob Dylan
17. Casey Jones - Pete Seeger
18. A Long Time A-Growin' - Bob Dylan
19. Frankie and Johnny - Pete Seeger
20. Baby Please Don't Go - Bob Dylan

1. Blowin' In The Wind - Bob Dylan 2. If I Had a Hammer - Pete Seeger 3. Pretty Peggy - Bob Dylan
4. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - Pete Seeger
5. Talking New York - Bob Dylan
6. Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream - Pete Seeger
7. Handsome Molly - Bob Dylan
8. John Hardy - Pete Seeger
9. Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues - Bob Dylan
10. Wabash Cannonball - Pete Seeger
11. The Girl I Left Behind - Bob Dylan
12. Pittsburgh Town - Pete Seeger 13. Blackwater Blues - Bob Dylan 14. The Wreck of the Old '97 - Pete Seeger
15. Hard Travel - Bob Dylan
16. Sixty Per Cent - Pete Seeger 17. Man On The Street - Bob Dylan 18. Yankee Doodle - Pete Seeger 19. Sally Gal - Bob Dylan
20. Living In the Country - Pete Seeger
Pete Seeger, the granddaddy of the folk-protest movement turned out traditional folk songs of the underclasses and new songs with messages of peace, love and social justice played on simple chords; He was also one of the earliest champions of the young Bob Dylan, 22 years his junior, who would go on to become a reluctant 'voice of a generation' and one of the first true legends of popular music. The causes Seeger and Dylan championed over half a century ago may not burn so brightly in our collective conscience in these inward-looking days of social networking, but the words they wrote still resound. Their influence on the music of the last 50 years is impossible to overestimate.
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