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Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho - The Original 1960 Movie Score [LP]
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1 1 Prelude: the City; Marion & Sam; Temptation
1 2 Flight; the Patrol Car; the Car Lot; the Package;
1 3 Hotel Room; the Window; the Parlour; the Madhouse;
1 4 The Bathroom; the Murder; the Body; the Office; Th
1 5 The Search; the Shadow; Phone Booth; the Porch; Th
1 6 The Search; the First Floor; Cabin 10; Cabin 1
1 7 The Hill; the Bedroom; the Toys; the Cellar; Disco
Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho - The Original 1960 Movie Score Available on 180 gram vinyl, remastered from the original recording. Countless movie-goers who have never heard of Bernard Herrmann nevertheless are quite capable of immediately recognizing his most famous motion picture score -- the score for the 1960 Paramount film Psycho. Director Alfred Hitchcock's budget for Psycho was not very large, and Herrmann was forced to restrict himself to a relatively small instrumental ensemble. The result is a score composed entirely for string instruments that perfectly suits the stark black and white cinematography of the film.
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