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Bluegrass: Little Grasscals
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The Little Grasscals
NAXOS World Music
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Traditional: Nine Pound Hammer (arr. P. Isbey)

Traditional: Lee Highway Blues (arr. P. Isbey)

Traditional: Gospel Plow (arr. M. Compton)

Traditional: Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies (arr. P. Isbey)

Traditional: Cumberland Gap (arr. D. Talbot)

Traditional: Little Maggie (arr. P. Isbey)

Traditional: Lonesome Reuben (arr. P. Isbey)

Traditional: I Am the Man Thomas (arr. P. Isbey)

Traditional: Dusty Miller (arr. M. Compton)

Traditional: Whoa Mule Whoa (arr. P. Isbey)

Traditional: Home Sweet Home (arr. P. Isbey)

Traditional: John Henry (arr. D. Talbot)

Traditional: Never Grow Old (arr. P. Isbey)

Traditional: Soldier's Joy (arr. P. Isbey)

Traditional: Darlin' Corey (arr. P. Isbey)

Traditional: Tennessee Wagoner (arr. P. Isbey)

Traditional: More Pretty Girls Than One (arr. P. Isbey)

Traditional: Sweet Sunny South (arr. P. Isbey)
These are some of the best pickers and singers in the world and they have all put their time in on the road, in the bus and at the festivals perfecting and paying homage to the traditions of bluegrass and country music. there are no gimmicks here, no pro-tools, nothing slick- just what is known to true fans of traditional bluegrass as "ass-kickin' bluegrass." the pickers on this recording have played with john hartford, ralph stanley, the osborne bros., the dolly parton band, the del mccoury band, the soggy bottom boys, the 'o brother' soundtrack, lonesome standard time,all the world's best traditional bluegrass bands and these guys have all made numerous appearances on the world famous 'grand ole opry.' these songs are all old traditional numbers played by hot young musicians who infuse the tunes with an aggressive energy that would make bill monroe proudd. if you want to know what real honest to goodness bluegrass sounds like please get yourself a copy of this recording. it's the type of music that would make the fathers of country music proud.
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