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Aldridge: Sister Carrie (2CD)
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Robert Aldridge
Adriana Zabala, Alisa Suzanne Jordheim, Ariana Douglas, Ashley Puenner, Brianne Sura, Edson Melendez, Florentine Opera Chorus, James Barany, Jessica Timman Schwefel, Jim Gottfried, John A. Stumpff, Keith Phares, Leroy Davis, Matt Morgan, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Nancy Davis, Nathan Krueger, Nicholas Barootian, Pablo Siqueiros, Scott Pullen, Stephen Cunningham, Thomas Leighton, Tim Rebers, Tracy Wildt, William Boggs, William Johnson
NAXOS, NAXOS American Opera Classics
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CD 1
1 Overture: Carrie arrives in Chicago, 1900
2 Overture: She finds work in a vast shoe factory
3 Act I Scene 1: Four on. Four off (Carrie, Women)
4 Act I Scene 1: There is music here, Bill (Drouet, Women, Carrie)
5 Act I Scene 1: Here's a very good worker who can't make it go (Drouet, Carrie, Women)
6 Act I Scene 2: Lord! But I'm glad I ran into you! (Drouet, Carrie)
7 Act I Scene 2: Duet: You belong in places like this (Drouet, Carrie, Waiter)
8 Act I Scene 2: Quartet: I can help you get along (Drouet, Carrie, Minnie, Hanson)
9 Act I Scene 3: Everything is paid for (Carrie)
10 Act I Scene 4: It's five, five. (Men, Maître D')
11 Act I Scene 4: It's opening night at McVickar's (Hurstwood, Maître D', Men, Waiters, Women)
12 Act I Scene 4: Scene: There they are! - Aria: My dears, why have you forsaken me? (Hurstwood, Patrons, Drouet, Actors, Carrie)
13 Act I Scene 4: Trio with ensemble: Fine. Try the bright ingénue (Hurstwood, Carrrie, Drouet, Crowd, Quartet of Actors)
14 Act I Scene 5: Is dinner ready yet? (Hurstwood, Mrs. Hurstwood, George Jr., Jessica)
15 Act I Scene 5: Duet in the Park: My darling! (Hurstwood, Carrie)
16 Act I Scene 5: And one day if I came to you (Hurstwood, Carrie)
17 Act I Scene 5: Oh - Have you made up your mind … (Hurstwood, Mrs. Hurstwood)
18 Act I Scene 6: No, Carrie No, No (Hurstwood, Maître D')
19 Act I Scene 6: Mister Hurstwood? - Duet: Petition for Dissolution… (Detective, Hurstwood, Mrs. Hurstwood)
20 Act I Scene 6: The Embezzlement Aria: I'll lock up (Hurstwood)
21 Act I Scene 6: You are the only wonder (Hurstwood)
22 Act I Scene 6: Closing doors (Hurstwood)
23 Act I Scene 7: What did he say? (Carrie, Maid, Hurstwood)
24 Act I Scene 7: Duet on the Train: Remember what you said to me that night in the park (Hurstwood, Carrie)
25 Act I Scene 7: When you asked if you could be with me, what did I say? (Carrie, Hurstwood)
26 Act I Scene 7: I have only dreams, Carrie (Hurstwood, Carrie)

CD 2
1 Act II Scene 1: Duet with ensemble: This is a moment I only knew in my dreams (Hurstwood, Carrie, Mrs. Vance)
2 Act II Scene 1: Arietta: We adore these two (Mrs. Vance)
3 Act II Scene 1: Congratulations! (Ames, Mr. Vance, Hurstwood, Ed, Carrie, Guests)
4 Act II Scene 2: My darling… (Hurstwood, Ed, Carrie)
5 Act II Scene 2: I have my first audition today (Carrie, Hurstwood)
6 Act II Scene 3, Operetta, "The Wives of Abdul": Oh Abdul (Choral Women, Chorus Master, Dance Captain, Dancing Women, Stage Manager, Carrie, Lola, Director)
7 Act II Scene 3, Operetta, "The Wives of Abdul": We're consultin' with the Sultan (Lola, Carrie, Chorus Master, Chorus, Dance Captain, Women's Chorus, Stage Director)
8 Act II Scene 3: And their father, poor old Goriot (Ames, Mr. Vance, Mrs. Vance, Carrie, Chorus of Waiters)
9 Act II Scene 3: Would anyone like to hear my news? (Carrie, Mr. Vance, Mrs. Vance, Ames, Chorus of Waiters, Hurstwood)
10 Act II Scene 3: You're a nice one to talk about who we can associate with! (Carrie, Hurstwood)
11 Act II Scene 3: I could be rather late (Carrie, Hurstwood)
12 Act II Scene 4: Recitative: You're a dandy, Hurstwood (Hurstwood)
13 Act II Scene 4: Aria: I'm at home in the world (Hurstwood)
14 Act II Scene 5: Ladies and Gentlemen (Director, Chorus Men, Chorus Women, Lola, Overfed, Abdul, Carrie)
15 Act II Scene 5, Operetta, "The Wives of Abdul": I'm really quite distracted (Abdul, Men, Hurstwood, Carrie)
16 Act II Scene 6: The Letter Duet: Dear George… (Carrie, Hurstwood)
17 Act II Scene 7: Carrie Madenda (Hurstwood)
18 Act II Scene 7: Mash Notes Duet: Are you ready? (Carrie, Lola)
19 Act II Scene 8: Must be getting on ten (Men)
20 Act II Scene 8: Shiloh. Antietam (Captain, Men, Farley, Hurstwood)
21 Act II Scene 9: Rise up (Women's Chorus, Strikers, Replacements, Farley, Head Replacement Worker, Hurstwood)
22 Act II Scene 9: If you have any real feeling, hide it like a treasure (Carrie, Ames, Women's Chorus, Strikers, Replacements, Hurstwood, Farley, Head Striker, Another Striker)
23 Act II Scene 10: Finale: I know you, Carrie (Ames, Carrie, Hurstwood, Captain, Men)
24 Act II Scene 10: I'd like a better room, with private heat (Hurstwood, Clerk)
25 Act II Scene 10: Have you heard? Have you heard? (Onstage Women, Carrie)
26 Act II Scene 10: That's you all right (Hurstwood, Homeless Men, Lola, Carrie, Onstage Women, Captain)
Described by Opera News as “an important addition to the American operatic canon,” Sister Carrie takes as its themes the lure of money and social standing. Robert Aldridge’s inventive score is richly melodic and unapologetically tonal. Herschel Garfein’s libretto is based on Theodore Dreiser’s groundbreaking 1900 novel, which depicts a smalltown girl’s tortuous path to fame and her lover’s abject descent into despair. Aldridge and Garfein’s Elmer Gantry (Naxos 8.669032-33) was a two-time GRAMMY® Award-winner.
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