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Nils Landgren: 3 Generations (3CD)
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ACT 9958-2
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Anna Gréta, Cæcilie Norby, David Helbock, Emile Parisien, Ida Sand, Iiro Rantala, Jakob Manz, Jan Lundgren, Joachim Kühn, Johanna Summer, Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr, Julian Wasserfuhr, Lars Danielsson, Marius Neset, Michael Wollny, Nesrine, Nils Landgren, Roman Wasserfuhr, Ulf Wakenius, Viktoria Tolstoy, Vincent Peirani, Wolfgang Haffner, Youn Sun Nah
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CD 1
1 Let’s ACT Together (traditional / Canned Heat) 04:14
2 Little Jump (Lars Danielsson) 04:45
3 You Are a Friend of Mine (Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr) 04:33
4 White Moon (Chris Beier) 03:03
5 Eternal Beauty (Michael Wollny / Eva Svensson) 04:08
6 Lenny (Jan Lundgren) 03:21
7 Hurt (Trent Reznor) 04:52
8 Gammal Fäbodpsalm (Oscar Lindberg) 02:28
9 Send in the Clowns (Stephen Sondheim) 04:55
10 Greta (Nils Landgren) 04:07

CD 2
1 Dear Diary (Esbjörn Svensson / Per Holknekt) 03:43
2 Hide and Seek (Iiro Rantala / Anna Gréta) 04:42
3 Danny’s Dream (Lars Gullin) 03:52
4 Bizarre (Camille Bertault) 04:26
5 The Return of Mohammed (Esbjörn Svensson) 05:40
6 Mountain (Anna Gréta) 04:05
7 Olu (Nils Landgren) 04:49
8 Fire and Rain (James Taylor) 04:03
9 Riverendings (Adam Ba?dych) 04:27
10 My Heart's in the Highlands (Arvo Pärt / Robert Burns)

CD 3
1 Weltall (Joachim Kühn) 05:50
2 And So It Goes (Billy Joel) 03:37
3 Blue Corner (Jasper van’t Hof) 04:19
4 Mosaïque Bleu (Leonhard Kuhn / Patricia Römer) 04:01
5 Modal Submission (Magnus Lindgren) 04:13
6 Früchte (Vincent Meissner) 03:39
7 Doll of the Bride (traditional) 08:14
8 Silent Way (Wolfgang Haffner) 04:00
9 Don’t Stop (Nils Landgren Funk Unit / China Moses) 04:50
10 Young at Heart (Johnny Richards & Carolyn Leigh) 03:09
Nils Landgren has been and remains the absolute linchpin of the ACT family. To date, the Swede has made forty albums on the label as leader, plus another twenty as producer or soloist. Michael Wollny, whose many many projects with Landgren give him a special connection, sums up a key element in his success: “With Nils everything becomes easy.” There is indeed a particular ease about Mr. Red Horn’s way of being; it is infectious and runs through everything he does. Which is all the more remarkable when one considers the sheer number of roles he takes on: trombonist, singer, bandleader, producer, festival director, professor, curator, talent scout and mentor.All of Landgren’s multiple roles and traits come to the fore on “3 Generations”. Working alongside producer and ACT founder Siggi Loch, Nils Landgren brings together three generation...
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