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Calypso Legends
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ARC MUSIC - World music
The first mention of calypso comes from a dance described by Abbe Masse in 1882. Otherwise, most scholars who have tried to trace the story of calypso agree that the word itself is not connected with the deity who lured Homer s Odysseus to her island. The origins of the word are unclear and scholars debate this with no definitive answer. Quick wit, knowing observation of human behavior and comment on its absurd aspects are the bill of fare offered in calypso, which probably prompted the American periodical Time to label calypso The Living Newspaper in 1944. For eloquence and topical diversity, no other genre can approach the calypso of Trinidad and Tobago, for the calypsonian assumes a stance between reporter, editorialist, moralist and satirist as scandal, disaster, politics, self-praise, sexual indiscretion and everything from local to international events all prove as grist for the mill. The Mighty Duke asked in a song, What is Calypso? Well to start to get an idea, one has to merely listen to a song on this compilation. Let your schooling start here.
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