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Black Crowes: Happiness Bastards
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The Black Crowes
Lainey Wilson, The Black Crowes
Zoznam skladieb
1 Bedside Manners
2 Rats and Clowns
3 Cross Your Fingers
4 Wanting and Waiting
5 Wilted Rose feat. Lainey Wilson
6 Dirty Cold Sun
7 Bleed It Dry
8 Flesh Wound
9 Follow the Moon
10 Kindred Friend
The Black Crowes leave bullshit in the past 15 years after their last album of original music, the Robinson Brothers present "Happiness Bastards", their 10th studio album. Some may say that the project has been several tumultuous years in the making, but we maintain that it comes at just the right time. Call it brotherly love or musical destiny that has brought them back together. The highly anticipated album that heralds the reunion of this legendary band could be just the thing to save rock & roll. At a time when the art form is buried under the corporate gloss of its successors, The Black Crowes strike back with the angst of unsaid words written on paper and electrified by guitar strings, revealing a stripped down, naked rock & roll. No glitz, no glitter, just rhythm and blues at its best - gritty, loud and right in your face. Since reuniting in 2019, The Black Crowes have made a triumphant return to form with over 150 shows in 20 countries worldwide to celebrate the 30th anniversary of 'Shake Your Money Maker', the album that put them on the map. Upon their return from the tour, they knew they needed something new to bridge the lost time. The Robinson Brothers and their longtime bassist Sven Pipien went into the studio with producer Jay Joyce in early 2023, and the experiences of the past years were reflected in the music as the band found their way back to their roots. And now the time has finally come - "Happiness Bastards" was released on March 15, 2024.
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