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Best of Scottish Pipes & Drums
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Various Artists
ARC MUSIC - World music
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The Scots Guards: The Balmoral Highlanders (Angus MacKay) / Blair Drummond (trad.) / The Sheep Wife (trad.) - 5:07

1st Battalion Scots Guards: Dr Ross’ Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering (D. MacLeod) / Bengullion (R. Fleming) / PMaj Sam Scott (P. R. MacLeod) - 4:40

Pride of Murray Pipe Band: Skye Boat Song (MacLeod) / Cock o’ the North (trad.) / Glendaruel Highlanders (Fettes) - 3:55

Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Highland Cathedral (Roever / Korb) - 2:47

Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: Kopenitsa (Bulgarian Dance) (trad., arr. J. Coombs) - 3:14

Stonehaven Pipe Band: The Mingulay Boat Song (trad.) - 2:48

Saor Patrol: Stonewall (Charlie Allan) - 6:05

Grampian Police Pipe Band: Amazing Grace (trad.) - 2:32

1st Battalion Queen’s Own Highlanders : Murdo’s Wedding (Stoddart) / City of Hastings Pipe Band (Barrie) / The Muir of Ord (MacLennan) - 3:25

The Queen’s Royal Pipers: A Salute to the Royal Fendersmith (J. M. Banks) - 4:15

Rory Campbell & Malcolm Stitt: Field of Bells (Rory Campbell - Bulk Music Ltd.) - 2:35

The Queen’s Royal Pipers: The Flower of Scotland (Williamson) - 3:22

Forrester’s Cape Breton Scottish Dance Company: Green Hills of Tyrol (trad.) / When the Battle is Over (trad.) - 2:19

The Scots Guards: Humours of Tulla (trad.) / Famous Ballymote (trad.) / Famous Bridge (trad.) / Para Handay’s Reel (P. MacFarlane) / The Silver Fox (I. Lowther) - 4:19

Anna Murray: Chùir i Glùin air a’ Bhodaich / Thoir a-null Ailean Thugan / Untitled Reel / In and out the Harbour ( all medleys: trad., arr. A. Murray / S. Lawrence / I. F. Macleod - Bulk Music Ltd.) - 3:22

Dan Air Pipe Band: Scotland the Brave (trad., arr. J. Banks) / The Rowan Tree (trad., arr. J. Banks) / Wings (Newstead, arr. J. Banks) / Flett from Flotta (D. MacLeod) - 2:55

The Queen’s Royal Pipers: The Flowers of the Forest (trad., arr. J. M. Banks) / The Battle of the Somme (Lawrie, arr. J. M. Banks) - 4:06

Kinross & District Pipe Band : Loch Lomond (trad.) / Stop your Tickling Jock (Lauder / Folloy) / Bonnie Lass O’ Fyvie (trad.) / I Love a Lassie (Lauder / Grafton) / Roses O’ Prince Charlie (Browne) - 3:39

1st Battalion Queen’s Own Highlanders: Ye Jacobites by Name (trad., arr. Reese) / The Boys of Blue Hill (trad., arr. Reese) / Sporting Jamie (trad., arr. Reese) / The Smith’s a Gallant Fireman (trad., arr. Reese) / The Devil in the Kitchen (trad., arr. Reese) / The Highland Train (trad., arr. Morrison) / The Ewe wi’ the Crookit Horn (trad., arr. Reese) - 4:30

Dan Air Pipe Band: Auld Lang Syne (trad., arr. J. Banks) - 2:13
An uplifting selection of famous Scottish melodies including favourites such as Scotland the Brave, Highland Cathedral, The Mingulay Boat Song, etc., played on Highland pipes, as well as pieces played on small pipes, accompanied with electric guitars, bass, drums, including a fascinating rendition of a Bulgarian dance (Kopenitsa). Info about each of the bands.
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