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Khöömei Beat: Changys Baglaash
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Khöömei Beat
Khöömei Beat
ARC MUSIC - World music
Zoznam skladieb
1 Salgal Damchaan Khoomeiym (My Ancestor's Khöömei)
2 Chaldyg-Khaya
3 Dembildey
4 Chovulannyg Kizhi Tolu (Bitter Human Fate)
5 Traditional Tuvan Khöömei
6 Khemchiim (My Khemchik River)
7 Kochegar (The Stoker)
8 Kara-Daglar
9 Dorug-Daiym
10 Changys Baglaash (The Lone Hitching Post)
Khömei Beat and their innovative style put themselves at the forefront of the Tuvan music revolution. They combine traditional, Tuvan throat singing and influences with modern instrumentation, resulting in an inimitable sound and powerful atmosphere. The result is "Changys Baglaash", a stunning blend of old and new that establishes them as a musical force of nature and one of the most exciting new bands in world music today. The group came together by a beautiful coincidence when they met at a local competition in 2017. Frontman Aikhan Oorzhak was looking for a band, and a troupe of musicians was looking for a singer. And so Khöömei Beat was born. Perhaps it is accurate to describe Khöömei as a fascinating beast. This style, unique compared to traditional Western singing, has its origins in the ancestors of the Tuvins, who imitated the sounds of nature while hunting. Throat singing creates a rhythmic rumble that can be felt to the core. There are many different styles that can be heard on "Changys Baglaash" with varying intensity.
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