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Porcupine Tree: Closure Continuation (2CD + Bluray + Book)
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Porcupine Tree
Porcupine Tree
SONY Music
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Deluxe 2CD+Bluray Audio+kniha
dátum vydania: 24.06.2022

Of These Nine Desires
Rise Radiant
Halcyon Candela
Warp Time Paradox
Caldera Walk
PT2022: the comeback album Sometimes signs and wonders still happen: Porcupine Tree, the British progressive rock heroes around guitarist, singer and composer Steven Wilson, have announced a new album for 2022. "Closure / Continuation" is the name of the first work in 13 years, since their 2009 release "The Incident". Wilson had already ruled out a reunion a few years ago. So much for the miracle. A sign of their return appeared in November 2021 with "Harridan". According to Porcupine Tree, the song and a few other new tracks were already created shortly after the release of "The Incident". They were initially on a hard drive in a slowly growing computer file labeled "PT2012," later renamed "PT2015," "PT2018" and so on. "There were times when we even forgot they were there, and times when they urged us to finish them to see where they would take us. When we listened to the finished tracks, it was clear that this was not like any of our work outside of the band - the combined DNA of the people behind the music meant that these tracks formed something that was undeniably, unmistakably and obviously a Porcupine Tree record," the band says on its website This DNA can also be heard in the single "Harridan", which comes to a stately length of more than eight minutes. On "Closure / Continuation", however, Porcupine Tree can now be heard for the first time as a trio, consisting of Steven Wilson (vocals, guitar), Richard Barbieri (keyboard, synthesizer) and Gavin Harrison (drums). Bassist Colin Edwin had left the band in 2012 In addition to the standard CD in a jewel case, "Closure / Continuation" is also available as a deluxe set with a double CD and a Blu-ray. It contains three bonus tracks, instrumental versions, 5.1 and Dolby Atmos versions and 96/24 stereo in high resolution. The whole thing comes in a large format artbook. Record fans can look forward to a limited edition 3-LP box set with 45 RPM pressing on audiophile crystal clear vinyl and two bonus tracks, as well as a limited edition double LP on Sky Blue vinyl, available exclusively to jpc worldwide. While stocks last, of course Porcupine Tree was formed in 1987 by Steven Wilson, who wanted to realize his experimental musical ideas outside of his synth-pop duo No-Man. Today, they are one of the most influential cross-genre rock bands in the world. Since their debut "On The Sunday of Life" (1992), ten more albums were released until 2009, including the critically acclaimed "Absentia" (2002). Since 2010, however, the band members had devoted themselves to their solo careers. Wilson, in particular, has recently enjoyed great success: as a producer for bands such as Opeth, Marillion, King Crimson or Emerson Lake & Palmer, as well as with his own solo albums, the last four of which reached the top three of the charts in this country. The new "Closure / Continuation" is Porcupine Tree's eleventh album.
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