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What’s Nu? Music Beyond
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ACT 9600-2
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Various Artists
Various Artists
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1 Hamlet # Belleforest ( Wrede, Bert) 02:57

2 O.D.R.I.P ( Svensson, Esbjörn / Berglund, Dan / Öström, Magnus) 08:19

3 Big Gig In Pajala ( Kinsey, Scott) 02:56

4 Jazz Is A Spirit ( Carrington, Terri Lyne) 03:44

5 Hand In Hand (Radio Edit) ( Di Gioia, Roberto) 03:32

6 Chasing Reality Part VI (The Micatone Remix) ( Presencer, Gerard) 06:20

7 It's OK ( Bakken, Rebekka) 06:16

8 ognoB gnoS ( Behrend, Jan-Frederick / Krause, Stephan) 05:06

9 Inner Noise ( Möbus, Frank / Guy Sternberg) 03:36

10 Light Years Frome Home ( Meissner, Dirk) 04:40

11 Cash ( Humpe, Annette / Kluge, Anselm) 04:10

12 Envelope #4 ( Stiefel, Christoph / Meyer, Björn / Peyer, Marius) 05:04

Why NU JAZZ? Nobody grows up by listening to jazz music only. This is also true for jazz musicians. Rock ´n´ Roll, Techno, Folk, Country, Ethno, Jazz and other musical styles are very much part of the panoramic musical interest of most young musicians today. All of these diverse musical forms are now compatible. Jazz is no longer based on harmonic, structural and improvisational principles. Jazz today - unlike in the past - can not be described as a definitive style. It has become more of a synonym for freedom and openness in dealing with musical influences of manifold origin. We encourage musicians to stretch out for MUSIC BEYOND CLASSIFICATION. Wolf Kampmann
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