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Best of Salsa Afro-Cubana
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dodacia doba 7-28 dní
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ARC MUSIC - World music
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1. Mi vicio - 6:38

2. Ando buscando (Son) - 5:00

3. Cumbia pa' Colombia - 4:13

4. Si me dejas (Timba/Balada) - 6:14

5. Conmigo o con el (Timba) - 4:27

6. Forever Cha-cha (Cha-cha-cha) - 3:51

7. Todo llega (Timba/Rap) - 6:41

8. A la buena si - 6:15

9. Segundas partes - 5:21

10. Bimbón (Timba/Soca/Rap) - 5:25
'Timba' is the real, vibrant contemporary music of Cuba. Energetic and uplifting, timba embraces jazz, reggae, pop, funk, rap, samba, son as well as salsa, but it's more percussive than salsa, with a stronger bassline, building up to a 'depelote' or climax - and very danceable! "a compelling sound …Chacón's husky voice is appealing, the material is fresh, the sound hot." - Folk Roots Magazine Osvaldo Chacón Began his musical career with some of Cuba's top salsa bands, including Paulito FG and El Medico de la Salsa (with whom he featured on the CD 'Una Aventura Loca'). In 1995 he joined Bamboleo as lead male singer alongside the charismatic female duo of Haila and Vannia. He featured on their seminal 1997 CD 'Te Gusto o te caigo bien' (released on the American label Ahí-Namá) for which he also wrote some of the songs including the title track. The track went on to win Chacón a prize for "best debut work" at Cuba's influential annual music industry awards Cubadisco 98. Several of Chacon's songs for the band have subsequently featured in compilations. Osvaldo Chacón on timba; "Cuban music and dance is an extraordinary mix of African, European and American influences and Cuba has always been an absolute sponge when it comes to rhythm." "one of Cuba's rising timba stars… a crisply executed debut" - Rhythm Magazine "irresistible dance… a talent to watch" - Wanderlust Magazine
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