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Bernstein: Dybbuk; Fancy Free (complete ballets)
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Leonard Bernstein
Andrew Mogrelia, Nashville Symphony Orchestra
NAXOS, NAXOS American Classics
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Leonard Bernstein: Dybbuk

Part I: I. Invocation and Trance

Part I: II. The Fathers (David and Jonathan) - The Pledge

Part I: III. Variation O - Messengers (Angelic Messengers)

Part I: IIIa. Kabbalah

Part I: IV. Dream

Part II: IVa. Kabbalah

Part II: V. Variation A

Part II: VI. Variation M

Part II: VII. Variation N

Part II: VIII. Variation X

Part II: IX. Variation Y

Part II: X. Variation Z

Part III: XI. Alchemy - Variation O

Part III: XII. Leah (Maidens' Dance)

Part III: XIII. Possession

Part III: XIV. Demon

Part III: XV. Pas de deux

Part III: XVI. Exorcism

Part III: XVII. The Community (Reprise and Coda)

Leonard Bernstein: Fancy Free

Big Stuff

Enter Three Sailors

Scene at the Bar

Enter Two Girls

Pas de deux

Competition Scene

3 Dance Variations: Variation 1: Galop

3 Dance Variations: Variation 2: Waltz

3 Dance Variations: Variation 3: Danzon

Composed 30 years apart--Fancy Free in 1944 and Dybbuk in 1974--these two ballets by Leonard Bernstein are wondrous works. The angular Dybbuk, about a spirit that tries to enter the body of a living being, is a tale of good versus evil. Much of the music is ominous and eerie; percussion and woodwinds are used effectively as disturbances, with brass interjecting pointedly. The more lyrical moments are short-lived and welcome. A variation called "Demon" in Part Three is oddly reminiscent of a dance from West Side Story. Fancy Free, which involves three sailors on leave in New York, is a completely different story. Slick rhythms, pop-music sounds, bright strings, and brass all evoke the wonders of youth and young love in the exciting city. The playing of the Nashville Symphony under Andrew Mogrelia is remarkable, with sharp attacks and a clear eye toward the fact that this is really music to dance to. A splendid recording. --Robert Levine / Mel Ulrich (baritone) & Mark Risinger (bass) / Nashville Symphony Orchestra, Andrew Mogrelia
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