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Sisa Michalidesova & Benito Gonzalez: Dream Rhapsody
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Benito Gonzales, Sisa Michalidesová
Benito Gonzales, Dávid Hodek, Juraj Griglák, Lukáš Oravec, Marián Ševcík, Michal Šimko, Nikolaj Nikitin, Pavol Bereza, Peter Preložník, Radovan Tariška, Sisa Michalidesová
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1. The Shadow of Your Shadow 7:14

2. Dark Temptation 10:44

3. Decision 8:32

4. Dream Rhapsody 9:36

5. Owl 9:33

6. Prelude in F Minor 2:27
Dream Rhapsody is the title of 10th album created by Sisa Michalidesová, a jazz composer and flautist. Sisa´s new album comes after 6 CDs (The Winter Magicians, Three Plus Ones, Sisa and the Grey Pigeon, Winter´s Tale, Actors Singing to Children, Expressions). The Dream Rhapsody is a result of Sisa´s cooperation with the Venezuelan pianist Benito Gonzales - a virtuoso, winner of a Grammy Award. He is one of the best jazz pianists in the world who has played with such musicians as Kenny Garrett, Christian McBride, Antonio Sanchez, Jeff "Tain" Watts, Roy Hargrove and others. "I met him thanks to Rado Tariska - a saxophonist, who called me to the piano to play some of my compositions for Benito. He liked them and he also played some of his compositions. We made friends. I suggested recording an album together. He agreed and thus our cooperation started. We have met twice in the studio and recorded five of my compositions and one of Benito´s. The recording itself was a marvelous experience also thanks to other excellent jazz players who - with their virtuosity and new ideas - have enriched the CD. The following musicians participated in the album: Rado Tariska - saxophone, Lukas Oravec - trumpet, Juraj Griglak and Michal Simko - bass guitars, Pavol Bereza - guitar, Peter Preloznik - keyboards, David Hodek and Marian Sevcik - drums. The cooperation with Benito is very inspiring. He plays the piano with an amazing energy and is able to provoke other players to brilliant results. For Benito, the album was a challenge, an inspiration. Dream Rhapsody has a good chance to cross the borders out to the world."
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