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Frank Zappa: Live At Carnegie Hall, 1971 / 3CD Version
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Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa
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The Persuasions (support act) Show 1
1 „I Just Can't Work No Longer”
2 „Working All the Live Long Day/Chain Gang”
3 „Medley #1”
4 „Pieces of a Man”
5 „Buffalo Soldier”
6 "Medley #2
7 „Medley #3”
FZ Show 1
8 „Hello (To FOH)/Ready?! (To the Band)”
9 „Call Any Vegetable”
10 „Any Way the Wind Blows”
11 „Magdalena”
12 „Dog Breath”
FZ Show 1 (continued)
1 „Peaches en Regalia”
2 „Tears Began to Fall”
3 „She Painted Up Her Face/Half a Dozen Provocative Squats/Shove It Right In” 06:32
4 „King Kong”
5 „200 Motels Finale”
6 „Who Are the Brain Police?”
FZ Show 2
1 „Auspicious Occasion”
2 „Divan: Once Upon a Time”
3 „Divan: Sofa #1”
4 „Divan: Magic Pig”
5 „Divan: Stick It Out”
6 „Divan: Divan Ends Here”
7 „Pound for a Brown”
8 „Sleeping in a Jar”
9 „Wonderful Wino”
10 „Sharleena”
11 „Cruising for Burgers”
FZ Show 2 (continued)
1 „Billy the Mountain - Part 1”
2 „Billy the Mountain - The Carnegie Solos”
3 „Billy the Mountain - Part 2”
4 „The $600 Mud Shark Prelude”
5 „The Mud Shark”
The two Carnegie Hall concerts on October 11, 1971 offer different setlists, which include music from albums such as "Freak Out!", "Absolutely Free", "Uncle Meat", "Hot Rats" and "Chunga's Revenge" as well as then-new material. Together they show a band at their complicated musical climax, taking risks and offering laughter, great playing and great singing on one of the most legendary concert stages in the world "Carnegie Hall" contains the same mono master set from 2011 (excluding the 21 tracks of "The Persuasions") and will be available as 3CD.
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