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Albéniz: Complete Works for Voice and Piano
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Isaac Albeniz
Guillermo Gonzalez, Magdalena Llamas
NAXOS, NAXOS Spanish Classics
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1 Chanson de Barberine (Barberine's Song)

2 Morceaux de prose (2 Prose Excerpts)
2 No. 1. Crépuscule (Twilight)
3 No. 2. Tristesse (Sadness)

4 Il en est de l'amour (Love is like so many things)

To Nellie
5 No. 1. Home
6 No. 2. Counsel
7 No. 3. May Day Song
8 No. 4. To Nellie
9 No. 5. A Song of Consolation
10 No. 6. A Song: Love comes to all!

6 Songs
11 No. 1. Art thou gone for ever, Elaine?
12 No. 2. A Song (Laugh at loving)
13 No. 3. Will You Be Mine?
14 No. 4. Separated!
15 No. 5. The Caterpillar
16 No. 6. The Gifts of the Gods

4 Mélodies
17 No. 1. In Sickness and Health
18 No. 2. Paradise Regained
19 No. 3. The Retreat
20 No. 4. Amor, Summa Injuria

6 Baladas
21 No. 1. Barcarola (Barcarole)
22 No. 2. La lontananza (Separation)
23 No. 3. Una rosa in dono (The Gift of a Rose)
24 No. 4. Il tuo sguardo (Your gaze)
25 No. 5. Morirò!! (I Shall Die!!)
26 No. 6. T'ho riveduta in sogno (I Saw You Again in a Dream)

Rimas de Bécquer (Poems by Bécquer)
27 No. 1. Besa el aura que gime blandamente (The Softly Murmuring Air)
28 No. 2. Del salón en el ángulo oscuro (In a dark corner of the drawing room)
29 No. 3. Me ha herido recatándose en la sombra (She wounded me as she hid in the shadows)
30 No. 4. Cuando sobre el pecho inclinas (When you lay your melancholy brow)
31 No. 5. ¿De dónde vengo? (From where do I come?)
Isaac Albéniz is best known for his influential piano works and a style that draws on Spanish folk music idioms. But his remarkable catalogue of songs successfully combines tradition and modernity, adapting a myriad of compositional techniques to create a uniquely personal and innovative style. These evocative and at times introspective songs look forward to the composer’s masterpiece Iberia. Renowned mezzo-soprano Magdalena Llamas has been admired for her ‘expression and sensuality’ by The New York Times.
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