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Prokofiev: Songs and Romances
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Sergey Prokofiev
Margarita Gritskova, Maria Prinz
Zoznam skladieb
1. Gadkiy utyonok (The Ugly Duckling), Op. 18

5 Poems, Op. 23 (excerpts)
2. No. 2. Seroye platitse (The Little Grey Dress)
3. No. 3. Doversya mne (Trust Me)
4. No. 5. Kudesnik (The Sorcerer)

5 Poems of Anna Akhmatova, Op. 27
5. No. 1. Solntse komnatu napolnilo (The Sun Has Filled My Room)
6. No. 2. Nastoyashchaya nezhnost' (Real Tenderness)
7. No. 3. Pamyat' o solntse (Memory of the Sun)
8. No. 4. Zdravstvuy (Hello!)
9. No. 5. Seroglazïy korol' (The Grey-Eyed King)

10. 5 Poems, Op. 36: No. 4. Pomni menya (Remember Me!, A Malayan Spell)
11. 2 Songs from Lieutenant Kijé, Op. 60bis: No. 1. Stonet sizïy golubochek (My Grey Dove is Full of Sorrow)
12. 2 Choruses, Op. 66a: No. 2. Anyutka (version for voice and piano)
13. 3 Children's Songs, Op. 68: No. 1. Boltunya (The Chatterbox)
14. 3 Songs from Alexander Nevsky, Op. 78bis: No. 2. Otzovitesya, yasnï sokolï (Mark, ye Bright Falcons)
15. 3 Romances, Op. 73: No. 2. Rumyanoy zareyu (The Rosy Dawn is Colouring the East)
16. 12 Russian Folksongs, Op. 104: No. 6. Katerina
Sergey Prokofiev is acknowledged as one of the 20th century’s greatest composers, and his enduring popularity today rests on a rich legacy of orchestral and chamber works. Less well-known are his songs, which display a lyrical component that suited his liking for clear and simple forms. This can be heard particularly in Five Poems of Anna Akhmatova, but all of these pieces show Prokofiev to be a worthy successor of the great 19th-century tradition of art songs. Margarita Gritskova’s voice was described by Opera News as ‘a spectacular instrument’ in her recording of Russian Songs on Naxos 8.573908.
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