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Prokofiev: Childhood Manuscripts
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Sergey Prokofiev
Alexandre Dossin
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Old Grandmother's Tales, Op. 31
1 I. Moderato
2 II. Andantino
3 III. Andante assai
4 IV. Sostenuto

6 Pieces, Op. 52
5 No. 1. Intermezzo [The Prodigal Son]
6 No. 2. Rondo [The Prodigal Son]
7 No. 3. Étude [The Prodigal Son]
8 No. 4. Scherzino [Songs Without Words, Op. 35]
9 No. 5. Andante [String Quartet No. 1, Op. 50]
10 No. 6. Scherzo [Sinfonietta, Op. 48]

11 Tarantella in D Minor

Pesenki (Little Songs), Series 2: No. 7. Melody in E Flat Major
12 Pesenki (Little Songs), Series 2: No. 7. Melody in E-Flat Major

Pesenki (Little Songs), Series 3 (excerpts)
13 No. 4. Presto in C Major
14 No. 7. March IV in F Major
15 No. 8. Vivo in G Minor

Pesenki (Little Songs), Series 4 (excerpts)
16 No. 2. Romance III in D Minor
17 No. 3. Allegretto in A Minor
18 No. 5. Allegretto in C Minor
19 No. 6. Allegro in A-Flat Major
20 No. 11. Minuet in F Minor

Pesenki (Little Songs), Series 5 (excerpts)
21 No. 2. Scherzo in C Major
22 No. 4. Allegro non troppo in D Minor
23 No. 5. Waltz in G Minor
24 No. 6. March in F Minor
25 No. 7. Prestissimo in C Major
26 No. 12. Étude-Scherzo in C Major

27 Examination Fugue in D Major
28 Scherzo in D Major
Sergey Prokofiev was so musically precocious that no less a figure than Reinhold Glière was employed as his live-in tutor. Glière’s lessons proved to be both rigorous and inspiring and the young Prokofiev wrote a delightful sequence of works for the piano. Revealing an increasing command of harmony, these miniatures show why he was, at the age of thirteen, the youngest ever student to be enrolled at the St Petersburg Conservatoire. Old Grandmother’s Tales, Op. 31, written in New York in 1918, is suffused with nostalgia, while the Six Pieces, Op. 52 are vivid arrangements of some of his earlier works.
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