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Adriana: Her Portrait, Her Life, Her Music (CD + kniha)
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Christiaen Herwich, Constantijn Huygens, Cornelis Jansz Helmbreecker, Cornelis Thymanszoon Padbrué, Giovanni Battista Buonamente, Jacob van Eyck, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Johan Schop, Louis Constantin, Marco Uccellini, Nicolaes a Kempis, Paulus Matthijsz, Pieter de Vois, Salomone Rossi, Tarquinio Merula
Ensemble Cordevento, Erik Bosgraaf
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1 Cornelis Jansz Helmbreecker: Voorspel, ’t Uitnemend kabinet II, 1649
2 Jacob Van Eyck: Malsimmes/Malle Symes, Euterpe oft speel-goddinne, 1644, ’t Uitnemend kabinet II, 1649
3 Johann Schop: Lachrime Pavaen, ’t Uitnemend kabinet I, 1646
4 Pieter de Vois: Brande Yrlandt, ’t Uitnemend kabinet I, 1646
5 Constantijn Huygens: Allemande Mr. Zuilekom, Schloss Ebenthal, MS A
6 Johann Schop: Ballet, ’t Uitnemend kabinet I, 1646
7 Jacob Van Eyck: Puer nobis nascitur, Der fluyten lust-hof II, 1646
8 Jacob Van Eyck: Comagain a 2, Der goden fluit-hemel, 1644
9 Nicolaes a Kempis: Symphonia octava ‘Den lustelijcken Mey’, Symphoniae opus 3, 1649
10 Tarquinio Merula: Canzona ‘La Gallina’, Canzoni overo sonate concertate… libro XII, 1637, ’t Uitnemend kabinet I, 1646
11 Paulus Matthijsz: Courante Monsieur, Der goden fluit-hemel, 1644
12 Salomone Rossi: Sonata quarta sopra l’Aria di Ruggiero, Varie sonate, sinfonie… libro III, 1623
13 Cornelis Thymanszoon Padbrué: Synphonia in nuptias D. J. Everswyn et Luciae Buys (Haarlem, 9 May 1641), Pavane
14 Cornelis Thymanszoon Padbrué: Synphonia in nuptias D. J. Everswyn et Luciae Buys (Haarlem, 9 May 1641), Gailliarde
15 Giovanni Battista Buonamente: Varie sonate, sinfonie… libro IV, 1629, Avanti Brando / Brando
16 Giovanni Battista Buonamente: Varie sonate, sinfonie… libro IV, 1629, Gagliarda
17 Giovanni Battista Buonamente: Varie sonate, sinfonie… libro IV, 1629, Corrente
18 Pieter de Vois: Fantasia in F Major, ’t Uitnemend kabinet I, 1646
19 Christiaen Herwich: Concerto, ’t Uitnemend kabinet II, 1649
20 Pieter de Vois: Pavane de Spanje, Der goden fluit-hemel, 1644
21 Salomone Rossi: Sonata decima sopra l’Aria della Romanesca, Varie sonate, sinfonie… libro IV, R1642
22 Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck: Fantasia Cromatica
23 Louis Constantin: Allemande [Pavane] a 3, ’t Uitnemend kabinet II, 1649
24 Salomone Rossi: Sonata terza sopra l’Aria della Romanesca, Varie sonate, sinfonie… libro III, 1623
25 Jacob Van Eyck: Lanterlu, Der fluyten lust-hof II, 1646
26 Marco Uccellini: Aria quarta sopra la Ciaccona, Sonate, arie et correnti libro III, 1642
27 Paulus Matthijsz: [Air], Der goden fluit-hemel, 1644
28 Salomone Rossi: Sinfonia quinta, Varie sonate, sinfonie… libro IV, R1642
29 Jacob Van Eyck: Blydschap van myn vliedt, Der fluyten lust-hof II, 1646
30 Marco Uccellini: Aria quinta sopra la Bergamasca, Sonate, arie et correnti libro III, 1642
31 Jacob Van Eyck: Stemme Nova, Der goden fluit-hemel, 1644
The forgotten figure of a 17th-century Dutch recorder virtuoso, illuminated by a unique synthesis of art history, scholarship and modern musicianship. Der Fluyten Lust-hof (The Recorder's Pleasure Garden, or Garden of Delights) is a famous collection of music for recorder composed by Jacob van Eyck and published in Amsterdam by Paulus Matthijsz. The same Matthijsz published a parallel recorder edition in 1644 that he dedicated to a certain Adriana vanden Bergh: Der goden fluit-hemel (The Gods’ Recorder Heaven). Her identity remained obscure for centuries, until the musicologist Thiemo Wind discovered that she was portrayed as the muse Euterpe by the painter Jacob Backer, an illustrious contemporary of Rembrandt. In his dedication, Matthijsz compared Adriana to the muse Euterpe in a four-line poem: ‘Euterpe’s spirit was reborn, or so it did appear, / Whene’er the sound of ADRIANA’s Fluyt I chanced to hear: / A wonder of our century, that such a youthful lass / Wears in the name of all the maidens laurels on Parnas.’ Who was Adriana vanden Bergh? This book and CD tells the full and fascinating story, shedding light along the way on many aspects of culture, religion and everyday life in Amsterdam during the 17th century. As both a musicologist and art historian, Thiemo Wind is uniquely placed to tell this story. He has identified Adriana as the subject of a famous painting by Jacob Adriaensz Backer (1608/09–1651), hitherto anonymous but considered one of the most beautiful portraits of the Dutch Golden Age. Through original research, Thiemo Wind has assembled an eventful biography, which moves in short and lively chapters, each of them illustrated with a telling image, from Adriana’s family background to her birth in 1631, her complex religious inheritance of both Protestant and Catholic observance, her apparently rapid mastery of the recorder, her participation in Amsterdam’s lively performing culture and her status as a musical celebrity even as a teenager, to her marriage in 1650, which probably occasioned the commission of Backer’s portrait. Thereafter the story turns darker, with a tale of bankruptcy, child-birth and -death, family splits and reconciliations, obscurity and ultimately Adriana’s death in 1668, having given birth to her ninth child. The accompanying CD takes its cue from Der goden fluit-hemel, and from the music publications featured in Backer’s portrait, to present new recordings of music with which Adriana would have delighted audiences in her time. There are tunes and hymns adapted by Van Eyck, an air by Matthijsz, sonata movements by Dutch and Italian masters such as Sweelinck, Rossi, Merula and Uccellini, and more besides. Performed by the internationally renowned virtuoso Erik Bosgraaf, in company with his ensemble Cordevento, the recording complements Thiemo Wind’s scholarship to present Adriana’s life and music in the round.
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