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14 Tales of Mystery / Quadriga Consort
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Quadriga Consort
SONY Classical
Zoznam skladieb
1. The Holland Handkerchief
2. Mr. O'Connor
3. The Undaunted Female
4. The Unquiet Grave
5. Newcastle
6. The Standing Stones of Orkney
7. Geordie
8. Poison Ivy Leaf
9. Lament for Owen O'Rourke, Lament for Owen Roe O'Neill
10. MacAfee's Confession
11. The Rich Old Lady
12. Two Sisters
13. Nobody's Jig
14. The Maid of Cabra West

Quadriga Consort Are:
Elisabeth Kaplan Voice
Angelika Huemer Recorders & treble viol
Karin Silldorff Recorders
Dominika Teufel Tenor viol
Philipp Comploi Basse de violon
Laurent Schiffmüller Percussion
Niolaus Newerkla Harpsichord, vibrandoneon, direction
Early Music from the Mystic British Isles Featuring newly arranged ballads and poems from the British Isles, Quadriga Consort's new album, "14 Tales of Mystery" offers a modern look into the grisly and eerie stories of Irish, English, and Scottish folklore. The repertoire is both mysterious and amusing, exploring the dark side of human inner life. "14 Tales of Mystery" holds true to Quadriga Consort's signature style of breathing new life into early music while respecting the emotional integrity of the original material. Founded in 2001 by harpsichordist Nikolaus Newerkla, The Quadriga Consort is an early music ensemble from Austria. The band has fascinated audiences for more than a decade with moving performances of ancient songs of love, yearning, joy and sorrow.
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