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Skalkottas: Dance of the Waves
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Nikos Skalkottas
Athens State Orchestra, Stefanos Tsialis
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36 Greek Dances, AK 11, Series 1
1. No. 1. Tsamikos, "Enas Aitos" (An Eagle)
2. No. 2. Cretikos
3. No. 3. Epirotikos
4. No. 4. Peloponnissiakos
5. No. 5. Cretikos, "Allo Choro den cherome" (I Enjoy No Other Dance)
6. No. 6. Klephtikos
7. No. 7. Sifneikos
8. No. 8. Kalamatianos
9. No. 9. O Choros tou Zalongou (Dance of Zalongo)
10. No. 10. Macedonikos
11. No. 11. Pedia Ke Pios To Petaxe (O Lads, Who Threw the Apple?)
12. No. 12. Thessalikos

The Sea, AK 14 (version for chamber orchestra) (excerpts)
13. IV. The Trawler
14. VII. Nocturne (Calm)
15. III. Dance of the Waves

Suite No. 1 for Large Orchestra, AK 3a
16. I. Overture: Moderato
17. II. Tema con Variazioni: Allegretto - Allegro - Andante - Allegretto
18. III. March: Allegro giusto
19. IV. Romance: Adagio
20. V. Siciliano - Barcarole: Allegretto moderato
21. VI. Finale - Rondo: Presto
Nikos Skalkottas was the foremost Greek composer of the 20th century, and his 36 Greek Dances is undoubtedly the most popular work of Greek art music today and a monument to the nation’s rich cultural heritage. The Sea describes the experiences of a trawler on waters both calm and stormy, while the Suite No. 1 is a cornerstone of Skalkottas’ symphonic output that balances the worlds of atonality and neoclassicism. The piece was amongst manuscripts Skalkottas left behind in Berlin in 1933, and he later reconstructed it from memory. The first volume in this series from the Athens State Orchestra (8.574154) was considered ‘a revelation’ by ClassicsToday.com.
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