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English Song Collection (25CD)
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Arthur Somervell, Benjamin Britten, Charles Edward Horn, George Butterworth, Gerald Finzi, Gustav Holst, Ian Venables, Ivor Gurney, John Ireland, Jonathan Dove, Liza Lehmann, Peter Warlock, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Roger Quilter, William Alwyn, William Walton
Adrian Thompson, Amanda Pitt, Andrew Kennedy, Andrew Matthews-Owen, Anthony Rolfe-Johnson, BBC Singers, Carlos Bonell, Catherine Wyn-Rogers , Christine Pendrill, Christopher Barnett, Christopher Maltman, Christopher van Kampen, Claire Booth, Craig Ogden, David Owen Norris, David Wilson-Johnson, Derek Lee Ragin, Duke Quartet, Elin Manahan Thomas, Felicity Lott , Frank Lloyd, Gerald Finley, Graham Johnson, Graham Titus, Iain Burnside, Ivan McCready, Janice Watson, Jean Rigby, Jeremy Huw Williams, Joanne Thomas, John Constable, John Mark Ainsley, John Metcalf, John Turner, Judi Dench, Judith Harris, Lisa Milne, Louisa Fuller, Lucy Wakeford, Margaret Feaviour, Mark Wilde, Martyn Hill, Neal Davies, Nicky Spence, Northern Sinfonia, Osian Ellis, Patricia Bardon, Patricia Rozario, Philip Langridge, Philippa Davies, Richard Hosford, Roderick Williams, Sacconi Quartet, Simon Joly, Simon Keenlyside, Sir Thomas Allen, Steuart Bedford, Susan Bickley, Susan Gritton , Toby Spence, Vernon Kirk, Wenhaston Boys Choir
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CD 1 "Williams Walton": The Winds; Tritons; Beatriz's Song; Under the Greenwood Tree; 6 Facade Settings; Anon in Love; A Song for the Lord Mayor's Table

CD 2 "Arthur Somervell": O Mistress Mine; Orpheus with his lute; Sweet Kate; Songs of Innocence; Maud (Ausz.);James Lee's Wife; The Bargain; Fain would I change that note; Shepherd's cradle song; Come to me in my dreams; Dainty little Maiden; When Spring Returns; The Shropshire Lad

CD 3 "Ralph Vaughan Williams": On Wenlock Edge; 5 Mystical Songs; It was a Lover and his Lass; The Lawyer; The splendor falls; The Water Milll; Tired; Silent Noon; Searching for Lambs; Nocturne; Joy, Shipment, Joy; Lord, come away; Come Love, come Lord; Dirge for Fidele

CD 4 "Peter Warlock": The Curlew; Lillygay; Peterisms (Set 1 & 2); Saudades; Peter Warlock's Fancy; My gostly fader; Bright is the ring of words; The Cloths of Heaven; The Frostbaound Wood; Bethlehem Down; Sweet and Twenty; And wilt thou leave me thus; Mr. Belloc's Fancy; The Bachelor; Away to Twiver; Capatin Stratton's Fancy

CD 5 "Roger Quilter": It was a lover and his lass; Take, O take those lips away; O mistress mine; How should I your true love know; Orpheus withe his lute; Hark!Hark!the lark; Ca'the yowes to the knowes; Charlie is my darling; e banks and braes; I arise from dreams of thee; Music when soft voices die; Love's philosophy; Spring is at the door; Passing dreams; Atumn evening; An old carol; 3 Pastoral Songs; Go, lovely rose; A last year's rose; Amaryllis at the fountain; I dare not ask a kss; Now sleeps the crimson petal; To Julia; Love calls through the summer night

CD 6 "Gustav Holst": Vedic Hymns op. 24; 12 Humbert Wolfe Songs op. 48; 6 Songs op. 16; 4 Songs for Voice & Violin op. 35; Margret's Cradle Song op. 4, 2; The Heart Worships

CD 7 "Benjamin Britten": Winter Words op. 52; The Holy Sonnets of John Donne op. 35; 7 Sonnets of Michelangelo op. 22; If it's ever Spring again; The Children & Sir Nameless

CD 8 "Liza Lehmann": Bird Songs; 4 Cautionary Tales and a Moral; Daisy Chain (Ausz.);Cherry Ripe; Magdalen at Michael's Gate; Evensong; Endymion; Music when soft Voices die; To a little red Spider; Dusk in the Valley; The Lily of a Day; When I am dead, my Dearest; My true Friend hath my Hat; Mockturtle Soup; Will you walk a little faster

CD 9-11 "Benjamin Britten": The Heart of the Matter; Canticles I-V; Folk Song Arrangements

CD 12 "Roger Quilter": The Arnold Book of Old Songs (English Songs, Irish Songs, Scottish Songs, French Songs, English & Welsh Songs); The Rose of Tralee; Four Part-Songs for Women's Voices; Three Part-Songs for Women's Voices; 6 Duets; New Discoveries; 3 Songs from "Love at the Inn"

CD 13 "Gerald Finzi": Liederzyklen op. 16 "Before and After Summer", op. 18 "Let Us Garlands Bring", op. 19b "I Said to Love"

CD 14 "Benjamin Britten": Folk Song Arrangements 2; The Holly & the Ivy; King Herod & the Cock; The 12 Apostles; The Bitter Withy; Orchestral Arrangements

CD 15 "Ralph Vaughan Williams": Songs of Travel Nr. 1-9; The House of Life; Linden Lea; 4 Poems by Fredegond Shove

CD 16 & 17 "Gerald Finzi": Earth and Air and Rain op. 15 für Bariton & Klavier; To a Poet op. 13a; By Footpath and Stile op. 2; Liederzyklen op. 13b "Oh Fair to See§,op. 14 "A Young Man's Exhortation",op. 19a "Till Earth Outwears"

CD 18 "William Alwyn": Mirages; Invocations; 6 Nocturnes für Bariton & Klavier; Slum Song; Seascapes

CD 19 "John Ireland": Great Things; 3 Songs to Poems by Thomas Hardy; Sea Fever; The Bells of San Marie; Vagabond; Santa Chiara; Tryst; During Music; Youth's Spring-Tribute; Penumbra; Spleen; I have 12 Oxen; We'll to the Woods; Five Poems by Thomas Hardy; The Cost; When I am dead; The Salley Gardens; Tutto e sciolto; If there were dreams to sell

CD 20 "Ivor Gurney": On the downs; H'nacker Mill; The bonnie Earl of Murray; The cherry trees; By a bierside; 5 Elizabethan Songs; The Aplle Orchard; All night under the moon; The Latmian Shepherd; I will go with my father a-ploughing; Last Hours; Catheleen ni Houlihan; A cradle song; The fiddler of Dooney; Snow; The Singer; nine of the clock; Epitaph in old mode; The Ship; The Scribe; Fain woul I change that note; An Epitaph; When death to either shall come; Thou didst delight my eyes; The boat is chafing; Lights out

CD 21 "George Butterworth": 6 Songs from a Shropshire Lad; Folks Songs from Sussex; Bredon Hill and other Songs from a Shrophire Land; Folk Songs from Sussex

CD 22 "Ian Venables": On the Wings of Love op. 38 für Tenor, Klarinette & Klavier; Venetian Songs op. 22

CD 23 "Benjamin Britten": Songs & Proverbs of William Blake; Tit for Tat; Folk songs

CD 24 "Jonathan Dove": Out of Winter; Cut My Shadow; Ariel; All You Who Sleep Tonight

CD 25 "Benjamin Britten": A Birthday Hansel; Who are these children; Cradle Song; O that I'd ne'er been married; Ca' the yowes; There's non to soothe; O can ye sew cushions; The Bonny Earl o' Moray; Bonny at Morn; Come you not from Newcastle; Dawtie's Devotion; The Gully; Tradition; 4 Burns-Songs (arr. Colin Matthews)
The acclaimed English Song Series celebrates the richness and diversity of British composers, performed by leading interpreters of the repertoire. Growing out of an ancient tradition that still echoes in the folk song arrangements of Benjamin Britten, the British art song draws its inspiration from the English poetic language, the nation’s unique land and seascapes, and the suffering and joy of human emotions. From the delightfully light-hearted songs of Liza Lehmann to the abundance of invention and imagery from today’s composers, this collection is a repository of the essence of British musical craftsmanship at its finest.
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