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Roger Taylor: Outsider
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Roger Taylor
Roger Taylor
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Dátum vydania: 1.10.2021
"I had a bit of a creative spurt and suddenly found myself with an album, which was lovely. It was a surprise! I just found myself in the studio and they came out one after the other. It was a pleasure really." It can be that quick and simple: British multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and Queen drummer Roger Taylor presents his new solo album "Outsider" in 2021. "Fast" doesn't quite apply, though: although he has released singles repeatedly in recent years, for example "Journey's End" (2017), "Gangsters Are Running This World" (2019) or his Lockdown track "Isolation" (2020), his last album "Fun On Earth" was released back in 2013. "Outsider" was written and recorded by Taylor mostly alone during the lockdown. It has therefore become a very personal and contemplative album, both lyrically and musically. It deals with isolation, worries and transience and is dedicated to all outsiders who feel on the sidelines. In addition to the drums, the 71-year-old also played almost all the other instruments in the studio. He also did the vocals himself. The mostly restrained vocal parts fit very well to the basic mood of the record. Nevertheless, Taylor also dares the one or other excursion into hard blues rock. Roger Taylor wrote music history as the drummer of the band Queen. Like all other band members, he was also significantly involved in the songwriting of the rock legends. Some of the biggest hits like "A Kind Of Magic", "Radio Ga Ga", "I'm In Love With My Car", "Sheer Heart Attack" and "These Are The Days Of Our Lives" came from his pen. He started his solo career in the late 1970s. His first solo album "Fun In Space" was released in 1981, and "Outsider" is his sixth solo album.
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