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Vangelis: Juno to Jupiter
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1 Atlas' Push
2 Inside Our Perspectives
3 Out in Space
4 Juno's Quiet Determination
5 Jupiter's Intuition
6 Juno's Power
7 Space's Mystery Road
8 In the Magic of Cosmos
9 Juno's Tender Call
10 Juno's Echoes
11 Juno's Ethereal Breeze
12 Jupiter's Veil of Clouds
13 Hera/Juno Queen of the Gods
14 Zeus Almighty
15 Jupiter Rex
16 Juno's Accomplishments
17 Apo 22
18 In Serenitatem
Vangelis presents his new album in 2021: On "Juno To Jupiter", the Greek composer and electronic music pioneer devotes himself to the mission of Juno. In a total of 14 tracks, he takes his listeners on a multidimensional musical journey. He is supported by the Romanian soprano Angela Gheorghiu. "Juno To Jupiter" was inspired by the mission of NASA's Juno space probe to explore Jupiter. The music combines acoustic symphonic music with electronic sounds and sounds from Juno's launch on Earth, the probe and Juno's subsequent journey back to Earth. Juno owes her name to Roman mythology. The Roman god Jupiter, equivalent to the Greek "sky father" Zeus, put a veil of clouds around himself to hide his mischief. His wife Juno (the Greek Hera), however, could see through the clouds to reveal her husband's true nature. Compared to this, the Juno space probe looks through the clouds to reveal the planet Jupiter and its secrets. Vangelis explained, "I wanted to emphasize the characteristics of Jupiter/Zeus and Juno/Hera, who had a special relationship according to the Greek Theogony. I felt that I should portray Zeus/Jupiter with sound only, as the laws of music transform chaos into harmony, which moves everything and life itself. Unlike Hera/Juno, I felt the need for a voice. Angela Gheorghiu stunningly portrays Hera/Juno in this historical account of the mission to the planet Jupiter." "Juno To Jupiter" will be available on CD on September 29, 2021. Record lovers, however, will have to be patient. The double LP will be released on February 4, 2022 Vangelis, a pioneer of electronic music, created the perfect marriage between the acoustic and electronic worlds with his ever-expanding imagination and innovative experimentation like no one before. His orchestrations for the new album "Juno to Jupiter" once again expand the horizons of electronic music and blur the line between it and acoustic symphonic music. The result is a breathtaking yet soothing musical journey through space The work found its inspiration in NASA's landmark mission, the Juno space probe and its ongoing exploration of Jupiter. It is a multidimensional musical journey accompanied by the voice of opera superstar Angela Gheorghiu. The album features sounds from Juno's launch on Earth, the probe and its surroundings, and Juno's subsequent journey sent back to Earth by the probe. The probe continues to study Jupiter and its moons: 365 million miles away from Earth at its closest point NASA has awarded Vangelis with its Public Service Medal. In addition, the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center has named asteroid 6354, located between Jupiter and Mars, "Vangelis" in his honor to underscore the international impact and appreciation of his work and his relationship to the universe.
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