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Richter Max: Voyager (2CD)
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Max Richter
Max Richter
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- 1 -
1. On the Nature of Daylight
2. A Catalogue of Afternoons
3. Spring 0
4. Spring 1
5. Autumn Music 2
6. Modular Astronomy
7. Vladimir's Blues
8. November
9. Dream 3 (In the Midst of My Life)
10. Hope Strings Eternal
11. Iconography
12. Circles From the Rue Simon - Crubellier
13. Infra 8
14. War Anthem
15. Lullaby From the Westcoast Sleepers
16. Sunlight
17. In the Garden
18. Broken Symmetries For Y
19. Mercy
20. Dream Solo
21. Path Solo
- 2 -
1. Beginning and Ending
2. The Departure
3. The Inexorable Advance of Mr. Delaney
4. The Young Mariner
5. Trigger
6. Elena & Lila
7. A Blessing
8. Ride To Marathon Station
9. Lamentation For a Lost Life
10. The Mind's Eye
11. Where We Belong
12. A New Generation
13. On Reflection
14. Wheels Within Wheels
15. Your Reflection
16. And Know the Place For the First Time
17. A Woman Alone
18. Our Reflection
19. Wershe & Son
20. Miss Sloane Solo
21. The Departure
22. I Will Not Forget You
• This is the very first Max Richter collection. / • 2 CD product curated by Max - 1 CD of original compositions from Max’s catalogue of successful solo albums, and a second CD comprised of music and movie themes and soundtracks. / • This essential collection will also feature music from HBO’s original series hit “The Leftovers” for the very first time. / Long a staple of the avant-garde, by virtue of his influential solo albums, including The Blue Notebooks, Memoryhouse, Songs From Before, Infra, Vivaldi Recomposed, Three Worlds: Music from Woolf Works and the eight-and-a-half hour epic Sleep. Sold-out overnight performances of Sleep at venues across the world and numerous Classical No. 1 records, are a testament to Richter’s wide appeal. Richter has written widely for film and television with recent projects including Hostiles, Black Mirror, The Leftovers, My Brilliant Friend and Taboo - which gained him an Emmy nomination, and most recently Hostiles, White Boy Rick and Mary Queen of Scots.
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