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GoGo Penguin: Everything Is Going To Be OK
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SONY Music
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1 You're Stronger Than You Think
2 Glimmerings
3 Saturnine
4 Glow
5 Friday Film Special
6 Soon Comes Night
7 An Unbroken Thread Of Awareness
8 We May Not Stay
9 Everything Is Going To Be OK
10 Last Breath
11 You're Stronger Than You Think (Revisit)
12 Parasite
13 Sanctuary
GoGo Penguin report back with their new album "Everything Is Going to Be OK". With the optimism of a new beginning - a new drummer, a new record label and a subtly updated and evolved sound - the trio from Manchester embarks on its sonically liberated journey. A first taste of the coming era is the new single "Glimmerings." "'Glimmerings' was one of the first tracks we started working on when we were developing ideas for a new album. The word 'Glimmerings' caught my eye when I was reading a book by Anil Seth called 'Being You'. The book is about the science of consciousness, and in the prologue he talks about 'idea glimmerings emerging'. That seemed to me to be the perfect way to describe the process of thinking and creativity. 'Glimmerings' started with a small core on the synthesizer and over time we added more and more layers until it became something much more complex. The idea behind the title is the beginning where you just have an idea and an intention, but you have a goal and an idea of where you want it to go, and you have to trust the process and yourself to see where that process will take you," explains Nick Blacka. "Everything Is Going to Be OK" was made during a time of turmoil and loss. Recording coincided with a personally difficult time for the band, marked by loss and grief, and time in the studio offered the band a refuge from real life. The resulting project draws its strength from shared understanding and empathy, with a lively and hopeful sound.
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